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Innovation Manager as a Service

Not all firms or legal departments employ an innovation manager.  And it should not be necessary: but it sometimes is convenient to have a sparring partner who does work with innovation in the legal field on a daily basis. I help law firms and legal departments innovate in a practical way, close to your core business and with an eye for your client.  

Legal Innovation Programs

Legal Innovation: where to start, what to do and what not? With practical innovation programs I can help you kickstart or advance your innovation journey. From client facing innovation to practice innovation, with my proven programs you will get innovation results where you need it most.

Legal Tech Consultancy

Trying to figure out, buy and implement new legal technology can be very time consuming and unsatisfying. With my expertise, I can help you find, select and implement the legaltech that you actually need. And I can help you with adoption of the solution, so you don't end up with another tool on the shelf that you do not use.

Legal Tech as a Service

Legaltech. You need it now, but you can't. Finding, selecting and implementing the right technology for your project takes time. Training your people takes time. And how do you know you will need this tool in the future again? Meet Legal Tech as a Service: direct use of tools with managed services and pay per use. currently under construction

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