Innovatie Meester Tjeerd van Ginkel

“I am convinced lawyers can deliver more value to their (internal) clients by innovating their processes and services. And I am convinced they want to, but they need help doing it right. ” 

Mr. Tjeerd van Ginkel MBA

Innovatie Meester


I am a lawyer by background, and as a lawyer, I was always looking to be more efficient and improve our services. I remember pushing my legal colleagues to look to the future and to create a vision how it could be, instead of how it is. But unsatisfactory as it was, legal work stayed the same. Convinced of the need for change, I decided to go back to school to do an executive MBA focused on innovation in the legal industry. 

After my MBA I joined a large Dutch law firm to lead their innovation journey and create a culture of innovation where every employee feels empowered to innovate in their day to day work. I was empowered, and some lawyers were too, but I also experienced how hard it is to actually change the way a lawyer works. By taking small steps, close to the lawyers daily practice, I have seen change happening, albeit very carefully. 

My mission to change the legal industry needed more than careful innovation. To fuel my mission, I have founded Innovatie Meester. Now I am working with multiple law firms and legal departments that are brave enough to actually innovate for their (internal) clients. 

When I am not trying to change the industry, I spend my time driving around my three kids to and from school, to and from sports and driving myself a bit crazy every now and then. And I enjoy cooking family dinners, crazy enough, I tend to look for new recipes and change my dinner services as much as I can.