Legal Innovation

Practical & Tailored to your needs

Pro-active innovation

Most of the time, innovation is reactive: due to a challenge in a complex case or a client that pushes you to do it differently, just to find out  innovation takes more time than that. If you really want to make a difference and be in time with innovation, you will have to be more pro-active. With practical innovation programs like the Client Innovation Porgram or the Practice Innovation Program I can help you become pro-active and surprise your client instead of being too late.  

Client Facing Innovation

- Time: 3 to 6 months

- Who: lawyers, clients & techies

- Result: client facing value

The “Client Facing Innovation Program” aims at co-creating a solution with and for your clients. During this program you will work with your client to find and select a solution that delivers value to your cient and strengthens your relationship with the client. 

Example projects: Client portal, do-it-yourself platform, smart collaboration workflows, client dashboarding. 

Added Value: Stronger client relationship, new revenue or business models, competitive edge.

The “Practice Improvement” program focusses on the daily processes you have in your pratice. With Lean methods and tailored workshops, we assess your processes and make taiored roadmaps for improving these processes. 

Example projects: document automation workfklows, contract review and negotiation playbooks, automated signature collection and bundle creation.  

Value: Improved efficiency, quicker turnaround times and higher quality

Practice Improvement

- Time: 3 to 6 months

- who: Practice lawyers & support

- Result: efficiency & quality

Innovation Culture

- Time: 6 months and more

- who: all Employees

- Result: Skills and Awareness

The “Innovation Culture” program aims to make your firm or legal department more open for innovation and change. From innovation workshops to a tailored AI Academy, with this program we will make your lawywers and your firm ready for the future.  

Examples: Innovation workshops, strategy sessions, legaltech sessions, AI academy for lawyers, legal incubator or hackaton. With or without your clients. 

Value: A culture that is getting open for change and ready for the future.