Legal Tech Consultancy

Research, Business Case, Implementation Project

The Legaltech Landscape: ever changing

The Legaltech Landscape is changing faster then ever. New and overpromising start-ups, expanding platforms, new features to existing technology, consolidation of suppliers. I can go on. It is hard to find and select the right legal technology for your daily work, technology that is secure, and adds value to what you do and in the end for your (internal) clients. I can help. I have been there and I know the market. 

Research & Advice

- Time: 8 to 12 consultancy hours

- Who: you and me

- Result: tailored business case

“Research & Advice” is a fixed fee solution where I will focus on your needs or problems and scan the market for solutions that fit your (innovation) strategy. I will guide you from a long list to a short list, set you up for just a selection of demo’s, ask the right questions to the vendors, compare all elements of the solutions and deliver a business case for you to decide on. 

Example needs or problems: Spending too much time reviewing third party paper, managing deals in excel and through email, delivering manual reports and status updates.

Added value: I know the legaltech market so you don’t have to. 

With my “Implementation Services” program I will manage the implementation project of a new technology from collaborating with IT and the supplier to the adoption of the technology in your practice and the creation of playbooks or templates to accelerate the ROI. I have done it before and know which levers to pull. So you can focus on what you do best. 

Examples: Just getting things done so you don’t have to.

Added value: Quick implementation and improved adoption of a new legal technology 

Implementation Services

- Time: depends on the project

- Who: With Supplier, IT & practice group

- Result: Implemented technology

Tailor made Development

- Time: depends om project

- Who: with development partner

- Result: bespoke solution

The “Tailor Made Development” is meant for helping you solve problems that you can’t solve with solutions that come out of the box. Whether you have a workflow studio or you need a solution outside your own environment, I will set you up and guide you until your problem is solved. 

Examples: project related analytical tools, bespoke workflows or triage tools, data science applications.

Added Value: bespoke solutions that deliver value for your problem at hand.